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"For three years I have used the VTA platform to walk clients through our life-changing programs. Not only is the student interface easy to use, it also creates a bond with the student and inspires them to take action with what they are learning. The VTA is definitely changing the way speakers, coaches and experts train virtually!"

Sharon Pira, The Joyous Coach

“I have invested in many training programs but none come close to those I have taken from Jane. Her online course platform made the process easy, fun and inspired me to take action. From her engaging course Orientation to the Progression Checklists that kept me moving forward - The VTA platform helped create a life-changing experience for me!"

Jacquie McConnell, Executive Leader with The Homemade Gourmet

Discover the latest breakthrough in virtual training...

The Course Concierge™

This "done-for-you" course creation and delivery service enables you to easily and cost-effectively transform your life-changing content into a profitable, online, modular-based course without the hassles technology and with the help of the experts.

Discover the "next generation" features of The Course Concierge™

  1. A three-part orientation that gets clients into action and bonded to you right from the start.
  2. An custom-branded, easy-to-use course interface that students love.
  3. Automated acknowledgement of your client's progress and growth.
  4. Built-in-accountability that inspires clients to apply what they've learned.
  5. Automated upsell offers that keep revenues flowing and students engaged.
  6. Recognition of their achievement with a personalized Certificate of Completion.
  7. Most of all... ZERO Technology headaches... we do it all for you!

Why Chose Course Concierge?

#1: You have existing content that is not being monetized and sense interactive virtual delivery is the wave of the future.

#2: You value your time and want to leave the technology up to the experts so you have more time to work in your "Zone of Genius."

#3: You want your virtual course to be beautifully branded and super easy for your clients to navigate.

#4: You care whether your clients actually take action on what you teach and know that is the key to long term client loyalty.

#5: You know the value of investing in the best to create an asset you can sell for years to come - hassle free!

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